Team FF9 version 2 by Beautiful Rose

Hide and SeekEdit

the joke that during the two years Zidane was missing, he was actually hiding under Garnet's dress.

Where are you (script)Edit

  • Garnet: Has it really been a year already?
  • Blank: Yeah. Time flies, huh?
  • Garnet: He promised me... He promised he would come back. Do you think... He's dead, isn't he?
  • Blank: I don't think so... maybe he's lost.
  • Garnet: Well how do I find him then?
  • Blank: I dunno.They say lost things are usually in the last place you'd look...
  • suddenly has an idea*
  • Oi, Zidane! You here bro?!
  • Garnet:*Giggles, not believing it will work*
  • Zidane:*Peeks out from under GARNET's skirt* Yo! What's up?
  • Garnet:*In Shock, looks appauled*
  • Blank:...
  • Zidane:Hey, you need something? I'm kinda busy...
  • Blank:Uh... n-no, but-
  • Garnet:*Is red-faced, but has regained sense of herself* Out.
  • Zidane:*as if noticing Dagger for the first time* What?
  • Garnet:GET-OUT!GET-OUT!!GET-OUT!!!!
  • Zidane:*Completely emerges from GARNET's skirt. Turns around and looks at her nervously, assessing the situation*
  • Garnet:*Gives Zidane "the look". You know the one*
  • Z:*Rubs the back of his neck* uh... it's ok because we're married?
  • G:*Glares and growls angrily*
  • Z:*As he turns tail and flees* OMIGODDONTKILLME! *Exit Stage Left*
  • G:*Chases after him, Exit Stage Left*
  • ?:*Looks in the direction the pair left. Looks out towards the audience. Shrugs. Exit Stage Right.*